Are You Shining in Front of Bosses, Shareholders, Fellow Employees or Customers?

One-On-One Speech Coaching

If you have a significant presentation or speech to make, it’s essential that you shine in front of decision makers. That’s how expert speech coach, Jean Palmer Heck, can help.

Jean will work one-on-one with you to ensure you deliver a speech or presentation with Real-IMPACT. Get a communications analysis and put together a customized plan based on your expertise, individual style and the material you present.

Real-IMPACT can provide:

  • Speech writing
  • PowerPoint development
  • Tweaking of existing content and PowerPoint slides
  • Videotaped analysis
  • Coaching on delivery skills
  • Techniques to overcome stage fright
  • Creative ideas to use in your presentation

Why should you work with Jean Palmer Heck and Real-IMPACT?

  1. You deserve the help of an expert who fine-tunes the coaching and speech writing just for you. You don’t want to “sound” like you’re the product of a “speech finishing school.” You want to be yourself.
  2. Jean will stretch you, help you improve your skills, but won’t try to make you into someone else.
  3. Jean is smart. As a former TV reporter, she had to digest information about almost every topic out there. She knows how to help you distill your information so “your audience gets it.” She can tackle all kinds of issues and topics.
  4. Big companies have to account for their overhead. They want you to be a long-term client, paying long-term fees. Real-IMPACT doesn’t have the overhead to cover. Jean will teach along the way so you can incorporate the suggestions by yourself in future presentations.
Ensure you shine in front of any audience—contact Jean directly at (317) 430-9100 to discuss your needs!