Use the Perfect Sound Bite to Catapult Your Career, Champion Ideas and Save Millions

When Should I Shut Up? (The Sound Bite Seminar)

Keynote or Breakout Presentation by Jean Palmer Heck

Knowing when to shut up is the most difficult lesson you’ll ever learn—especially when it comes to promoting your business. People today are overloaded with information and have short attention spans. The need for concise statements is critical when it comes to selling your ideas.

Crafting the perfect sound bite, for guaranteed impact, is an art that’s worth millions. Learn how successful business leaders have used sound bites to catapult careers, champion ideas and save millions of dollars.

In this highly interactive Sound Bite Seminar, you will learn:

  • How you can use sound bites with all audiences, not just the media.
  • The “3-D Formula” for creating sound bites.
  • How to deliver sound bites for Real-IMPACT.

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