Be Perceived as a Highly Valued, Top-Level Thinker and Contributor

Strategic Communication Skills to Reach the C-Suite

Keynote or Breakout Presentation by Jean Palmer Heck

How can you be perceived as a highly valued, top-level thinker and contributor to your organization? To be seen by executives as a strategic player in business, you must be fluent in the “language of decision-makers.”

This keynote will address three strategies and highlight specific tools and techniques that can enhance your career, utilizing case studies in the process.

You will learn:

  1. How to avoid common mistakes when dealing with senior management.
  2. What creates successful relationships with executives.
  3. Strategic techniques that showcase your expertise when communicating with top decision makers.

Jean Palmer Heck, an accomplished videographer, will share amazing videos shot in Africa, where the animal kingdom can teach us a lot about business.

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