Discover How to Deliver Bad News and Motivate Employees

Tough Talks®: What Bosses Need to Communicate Bad News, Motivate Employees and Stay Sane

Keynote or Breakout Presentation by Jean Palmer Heck

Do you feel like a day hasn’t gone by in the recent past without dire economic news, resulting in layoffs, plant closings and lowered salaries?

  • How do you deliver bad news? There has to be some formula for that. But it wasn’t anything they taught you in school.
  • How do you motivate existing employees? When they’re shell-shocked, productivity plummets.
  • And what about the physical and psychological ramifications of your words? On your employees? On you?

Jean Palmer Heck has been an international communication advisor to leaders from 32 countries. She’s taken her skills as a strategist, TV news anchor and corporate spokesperson… and her connections with top-level executives… to analyze the good, the bad and the ugly about delivering difficult conversations.

Learn what she has discovered in this powerful keynote address. Add an in-depth breakout session to your schedule to go deep on issues that impact your company.

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