Use Public Speaking to Market Yourself and Your Business

Strategies for Publicity and News Coverage

Media Training by Jean Palmer Heck

Ever open the newspaper and read a story about your business competitor? Do you cringe when you see an article or TV news segment about your industry and your competition is referred to as “The Expert” – especially when your knowledge and experience can trump theirs?

Whether you like the media or not, being quoted positively adds to your credibility – credibility that thousands of dollars of advertising can’t buy. When your credibility and exposure in the business world increases, your career is bound to profit.

Jean Palmer Heck is a veteran news reporter and corporate spokesperson with a “nose for news.” Jean shares the secrets of getting positive news coverage, along with a formula for developing your own quotable sound bites. It’s the 3-D Sound-bite Strategy™. Jean will help you develop a plan to work with the media for positive publicity.

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