Enjoying your own speech

An attendee at one of my presentation skill training sessions told me the thing he knew he must change: his facial expression. Because I video each speaker, he got a chance to see what his audience saw–that he looked pained and uncomfortable up in front of a group.  Frown lines were apparent.

What kind of message did that send to his audience?  It gave them the impression that he really didn’t like spending time with them and sharing this information.  However, that was not the case at all. He did feel confident that he knew his information well. He liked his colleagues. But his facial expressions and body language did not echo that.

Whether or not you like being in front of a group, you must make the audience sense that you are comfortable with your information … and yourself…and them.  If not, they won’t think you are a credible speaker.

In any case, my advice is the same. Think about what your audience sees when they look at you. A smile goes a long way to help you appear more approachable.

If you have the chance, videotape yourself when you  make a presentation. You may be surprised at the message you send.

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