Hints for better videos in your speeches

Audiences expect visuals used in presentations to be as captivating as their favorite TV shows or movies. It used to be very expensive to add videos to speeches and business PowerPoints. Because high definition cameras are very affordable, using a great visual aid doesn’t have to break your budget anymore. Here are more hints on how to produce your own effective videos. These hints can be used for business videos as well as your home videos.

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Good speeches demand great visual aids

Gone are the days when speaking publicly meant only that–speaking. Today’s audiences expect your presentations to include visuals that elicit emotions, give direction, clarify hard to understand concepts, and are easy to look at and comprehend. Graphic artists can do amazing things to make your words come to life. Another way to WOW your audiences is to use videos. Here is Part 1 of a series I shot to demonstrate how to shoot good videos your audience will want to watch. ¬†Enjoy.

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