Presentations in an NFL Locker Room = a Tough Talk

I would have loved to have been in the locker rooms of many NFL teams to hear the speeches given by the head coaches yesterday. What could be said to motivate the teams that were still in the hunt for a good post-season placement?  I’m sure those speeches were well-thought presentations. And they were talks given with passion. But motivating professionals at the top of their performance was probably not that much different than it was all season. But consider the pep talk given to those at the bottom of the pile. Especially to the Indianapolis Colts. It had to be a very tough talk Jim Caldwell, the head coach, delivered. That’s the one I would have wanted to hear. Just as any leader does, he faced complex issues, including employee illnesses, naysayers with de-motivating messages, and workers worried about their jobs. Here was what boss (coach) Caldwell had on his plate: Nothing seemed to go right this season. Injuries. Penalties. Referee calls going against the team. 12 straight losses. The team went through 3 back-up quarterbacks after Peyton Manning’s neck injury kept him off the field the entire season. Caldwell’s job was on the line, as was the employment status of most of the team. A complex reason that wasn’t in the regular playbook: A loss in the final game would ensure the Colts would get the first pick in the April NFL draft. The negative theme of “Suck for Luck” was heard all around Indianapolis.  Andrew Luck, the […]

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