Another VP Candidate Hits a Home Run with Speech

Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, took the stage Wednesday night and wowed everyone in her audience, including many watching her on TV—like me.   Her speech ranked up there with those of Joe Biden, Fred Thompson and Michele (yes, Michele, not Barack) Obama.

Just as Joe Biden set the stakes high for his “boss,” Barack Obama, to overwhelm the audience with substance and style, Palin has set the stakes high for John McCain to take the crowd on a trip into the future of our country.  I don’t think Obama’s speech lived up to that.  Will McCain’s?

Palin showed strength, warmth, and humor in a wonderfully worded speech.  Her comments were naturally spoken, not shouted like way too many political speakers. I give her an A++ .

HINT:  Watch how she uses the teleprompter.   Some speakers say a sentence and then turn to the next prompter, say another sentence and turn again.  Their patterned action makes them look like robots.  Palin gracefully slides between the 3 prompters.

HINT:  When you write you speech, for the TelePrompTer, put it in 16 point font or 14 point bold font, in upper and lower case letters.  The old broadcast standard of writing in all caps is too difficult to read.  (I’ll never know why that became a standard.)

Also observe Palin’s great facial expression.   It adds to the warmth and variety in her voice.

As good as she was, her show was stolen by 7-year-old Piper, who, while holding her baby brother in her arms, licked her own hands and then tried plastering his cowlick hair down.

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